Design (UI & UX)

What is UI?
User Interface design is concerned with the aesthetics of visual elements of your website/app. It fashions the presentation and builds interactivity in your website/app. UI design is what the users actually see when they interact with the website/app. Our expert UI designers pick the best color schemes & typography, design look & feel, build responsiveness, and enhance the efficiency & accessibility of your website/app.

What is UX?
User Experience design approaches product, website, and app designing with a human-first mindset. UX is applicable to all things that can be felt or experienced—like websites, or a mobile app. UX design is all about the overall feel of the experience.

With our experienced UX designers, we can enhance the user satisfaction levels of visitors to your website/app significantly. They improve the usability, accessibility, and navigational ease of web pages, or app screens.

The UX designers anticipate a user’s experience of the website/app as they interact with it. They find out bottlenecks in the smoothness and intuitiveness of the experience and remove them.

The website or the app must give a sense of purposefulness to users by allowing them to accomplish what they set out to do with ease and comfort.

A great UX design will remove clunky elements, broken sales funnels, and a sense of struggle while using the website or the app. The UX designers will study user behaviors, competitor’s products, market surveys, and will experiment with different elements to achieve an optimal design.

Our UX designers will consider your visitor’s entire journey, steps they take, tasks they need to complete, and focus on how to make it smooth, and remove pain points.

What's the difference between UI and UX?
UI design and UX design are often confused with each other and used interchangeably. While UI and UX designers work closely in a team, however, their work focuses on separate aspects of the website/app design process. Both UI and UX are crucial elements of a digital product, but the roles are rather different.

  • UI design is about how the interface looks and feels; while UX design focuses on a visitor’s overall feel of the experience.
  • A UI designer aims to create intuitive, interactive, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing, interfaces; while a UX designer aims to identifying bottlenecks in the experience and solving user problems.
  • UX design is carried out before applying UI design principles. It is because the UX designer can create a product map, navigation flow, sales funnel, and a wireframe. The UI designer then uses these as inputs to add GUI elements, color schemes, typefaces, and interactivity among those elements.

UI/UX experts weigh in
Steve Jobs said, “For some people design means how it looks, but if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.”