Website Development

As you must know, every business needs a well-designed website to attract audiences as well as provide important information regarding the products/services.

Turtlecap has a team of experienced professionals who can build up your website as per your wants and needs. We use effective techniques to achieve the desired results. Since the website is often the first digital marker of any business firm, extra attention is paid to the development of the website so that in essence, a good impression is made. This is easy for us to do, because we have a lot of experience in this field, and aware of the demands of the market.

Also, the website needs constant work and upgrade to keep it up to date. Turtlecap aims to create a consistent, effective and growth-oriented website that offers clarity to the customers.

Web Application Development

Apps have taken over our lives. There seems to be an app for everything- from buying groceries to clothes and ordering food. Apps make it convenient for users to get what they need instantly- instead of scrolling through millions of search results on the internet; they can simply click on the app that is readily available.

Having an app for your product does not seem like a bad idea- and it is not. Since application development requires people with extensive knowledge of computers, Turtlecap is the place you should be looking at for application design. Our well-seasoned application designers will create the most conducive and people-friendly applications to serve your customers.

A business app can benefit you in many ways- firstly they can benefit your customers. It saves them time, and also money if you allow them some discounts. Apps can help you boost profits on your businesses since customer satisfaction is the biggest building block of a successful business.

Mobile Application Development

Your search for the best mobile app development company in India ends here. We have teams of expert, well-trained, and skilled Android, and iOS developers who can design an app to your exact specifications. Our expert team of UI/UX designers helps them with the design, navigation, and user interface elements part, while they take care of business rules and data.

Build mobile apps for any purpose, and any business need – educational, informational, short video apps, payment wallets, eCommerce, or a social media application. Once your app users will use and experience the app designed by us, they will seldom prefer any other app. We have expertise in delivering highly personalized and customized mobile app with great functionality.

We can also integrate popular third-party APIs with your app – like Google maps, social media, payment wallets, and authentication & authorization.

Desktop Application Development

Our team of expert developers has proficiency and decades of experience in robust, secure, and centrally controlled desktop software applications. Our areas of specialization include inventory management systems, order processing systems, Human resource management systems, payroll processing, educational institutions management systems, and many more.

We have dedicated systems analysts, database administrators, and network architects who can understand your unique needs, analyze the technological and physical constraints and come up with the best system architecture.

Our well-trained and experienced programmers – in languages and frameworks such as VB.Net, C#.Net, Java, PHP, and Python – can design and develop efficient systems in no time.

All software development at TurtleCap goes through extensive prototyping, user acceptance, quality control, and security measures. The user interface, navigation, and data entry are our forte. We can give you customized reports and a template to build ad-hoc reports.