Cloud Server

With the massive advancement of technology, we are witnessing some of the most spectacular innovations of the time. Cloud server is one of the latest technologies that has revolutionized the concepts of storage and backup of data online

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage offers you the advantage of storing your valuable data in a virtual storage space somewhere on the Internet. The basic principle of the functionality of cloud server is that it enables your documents, music, photograph, video and other files to be stored in electronic format on a space that can be accessed online using different means. You can access all your stored data from your laptop or personal computers as well as your mobile devices.

With the arrival of cloud server, the need for physical servers to store and backup data has been almost reduced to elimination. There is a cloud storage server which is the actual storehouse of all your data. It can be remotely accessed from any location and at any time, and it offers you the benefits of accessing your data whenever you need it. This is a very innovative solution that offers resilience to previously faced problems related to storing data in physical devices like CDs or hard drives. So now you can access your stored data and share it with your friends and colleagues over the Internet.

What are the benefits?

Ease of use
Storing important data was never this easy. There is no requirement of getting a CD or a pen drive or a hard drive to store all your documents, music, videos and images. You can simply upload them to a cloud server from your computer or mobile and download them whenever you need. Also, your physical location is no longer a constraint, since you can access your data from anywhere on the earth, provided you have internet connection on your device.

Platform independence
It does not matter whether you upload your data from a Windows laptop or Android mobile. The data can easily be accessed online from any computer or mobile or tablet. The earlier restrictions of compatibility with different platforms have been reduced to a great extent.

Resilience to failures
One of the biggest advantages of using cloud storage is the reliability of storing and backing up of files. With this new technology, enterprises can now aim at better disaster management, by keeping a backup of all their data on cloud servers. Earlier we used to be affected by system failures and hard disk crashes very frequently, which led to a loss of valuable data. But now, cloud storage has eliminated such possibilities by providing a more resilient storage option.

Businesses and enterprises, by migrating their data storage and backup technology to the cloud servers, have significantly reduced the overall expenses incurred for operational activities. Cloud storage is a very cost-effective means of managing and accessing data, owing to which it is gaining popularity worldwide.

Speed up operations
Before the advent of cloud storage mechanism, we used to copy the data on hard drives or pen drives or CDs and DVDs. That used to be a significantly time-consuming process, which grew all the more lengthy if the number of files and size of files was considerably large. However, with cloud storage option, nowadays, the whole process has turned quick and convenient beyond words. Now, we will only need to upload the files once to store it permanently. While sharing we can simply send the link to the place where the file is stored, instead of having to copy and paste it like earlier.

Why choose us?

Owing to its multifarious benefits, it is highly recommended that you also migrate to this new and improved technology for the convenience of your business operations. Allow us to take care of all your cloud storage requirements.There are reasons why you can totally put your trust in our cloud storage services.Firstly, Turtlecap Technology offer the highest level of data security. With our cloud storage and backup services, you can be absolutely sure about keeping your most important data safe and sound. Since data security is the primary concern of all enterprises, we always make sure that with us, your data remains totally protected. We have got stringent monitoring practices in place that help prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive information. Secondly, all your intellectual property will be within your reach from our highly secure and robust cloud servers. At Turtlecap Technology, we also strive to make sure there is all round security to your files from getting corrupted or deleted accidentally.

Moreover, we also offer disaster management options in case there is a negligible chance of system failure. So you can certain that your business operations will continue to be seamless and secure like always. Turtlecap also has got the most competitive rates of the cloud storage services on offer. There will be no question of going overboard with your business expenses when you have us by your side. You can look forward to optimizing your operational costs with our transparent policies. When it comes to maintenance and scalability of your data, we offer a variety of options to suit your exact requirements. You just need to choose the one that looks the best for your business.

Also, we have a super supportive technical assistance team who are ready to help you troubleshoot all issues that you might face. Our team is functional round-the-clock so you can reach out to us at any time of need.

And, last, but definitely not the least, you can look forward to the highest quality of customer service from our company. We strive to deliver excellence in all our services. For comprehensive cloud storage solutions and services, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. Contact us today for more information.

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