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With the evolution of technology and the ever-growing needs of the consumers, there are a variety of advanced software applications available in the market today. Application development which uses cutting-edge technology is based on very different platforms. Today there are mainly three broad segments of application development:

Desktop application development
Web application development and
Mobile application (Android & iOS) development
We offer quality services in all of these categories to deliver only the best to you.

With our services, you can look forward to achieving the best with the latest technology geared for all your business needs.

Desktop application development services

Desktop applications comprise of all those software applications which can run independently on a computer system or laptop. With the huge variety of software platforms available to us, we take care to offer desktop software development for each of these platforms. We offer top class services to develop software for Microsoft Windows, Linux, as well as Apple’s Mac OS.

You can get in touch with us for platform-specific software application development as well as cross-platform software development for your systems. Our teams are well equipped to provide smart solutions to help you come up with breakthrough software ideas for desktop systems.

In order to deliver the best results, we follow the best practices for desktop application development. Starting right from the scratch with requirement analysis up to quality assurance and software maintenance, we follow every step of the application development life cycle sincerely for maximum benefits to our customers.

Business Analysis
You will have our team of expert Business Analysts to discuss all your requirements and expectations from the software. The details about the functionalities and the appearance of the final product are important to achieve the exact requirements. We also conduct meetings between you and the application developers so that the end product is exactly what you were looking for.

Architecture Design
Before the development phase starts, it is very crucial to design the architectural aspects of the software. This will help to determine the architectural landscape and the most suitable programming language to employ while developing. Our team of technical architects makes sure that you receive a high performing software application that you exactly wanted at the most cost-effective rates.

Front End Design
How your software will appear to the users, i.e. the User Interface (UI) is one of the basic and most vital points to take care of. Our team makes sure to work together with our customers to come up with design and features exactly the way they want to. SO that the exact requirements are fulfilled, brand identity is maintained in line with the latest trends, is made sure.

Application Development
We focus to deliver top class security, user-friendliness, high performance as well as seamless integration between functionalities and user needs. Our teams work by continuously keeping the customers updated and seeking reviews for necessary changes.

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Quality Assurance
After the desktop software is developed, we carry out extensive testing to ensure that the end product is totally flawless and as per exact requirements. We have a time-tested standardized QA program that effectively tests every module of the software thoroughly for flawless output.

You can rely on our team to troubleshoot any technical issue that may arise. Our round the clock functional maintenance team offers ready to support. We also take care of application updates to keep the developed software totally in synch with all your latest business needs.

You can always get in touch with us for all your desktop software application development needs.

Web application development services

Turtlecap provides comprehensive web application development services too. We have an experienced team of web application developers who cater to the variety of requirements of the different domains. Be it the retail domain, or banking and financial services or health care or education, our team of developers have created top web applications for a host of domains.Along with web application development, we also cater to different other requirements like migration from legacy systems to the latest system. You can also get in touch with us for development of new features and enhancements to your already active web application. With us, you will never need to worry about deadlines and expenses since we are very particular about maintaining your convenience.Our developer team is very well acquainted with the different processes of software development life cycle (SDLC). So you can expect that level of dynamism from us, to conform to your needs for development of web applications. Much like our desktop application development processes, we also adhere to the standardized procedure for web application development. Whether it is the Waterfall Model of SDLC or Agile that you prefer and fixed price or time and material model, we are comfortable with all the industry standards.Not only web application development; we also offer solutions for data migration and integration as well as efficient maintenance and support for the software. In order to keep up with the standards of the industry, we employ the most suitable technology to deliver your web application. So along with cost efficiency and seamless performance, you can also be assured of the best practices of software development and the use of advanced technologies for its build.

In case you are not sure about which programming language is best suited for your web application, you can feel free to reach out to us for consultation. Our team of top technical architects brings in a rich and extensive experience of being in this industry. They will surely guide you and clear all your doubts and uncertainties with the most effective solutions at par with the industry-specific solutions.

Mobile application (Android & iOS) development

With the increasing popularity and success of the smartphones over the past several years, the market for mobile applications has been on the rise in an exponential manner. As our smart phones grow more and more powerful with every passing year, the mobile applications are also evolving. Using mobile applications, we carry out the most complex tasks too, starting from online shopping to emails and other tasks, everything is easily achievable with the help of mobile applications.Many of the mobile applications are now being used by businesses to achieve commercial goals while serving the various needs of the customers at the same time. In fact, most of the online businesses nowadays have a mobile application interface too, which helps them connect to their customers on a wider scale.Since we always strive to deliver the best to all our esteemed customers, we have a team that is specialized for development of these highly evolved mobile applications. Our expert mobile application development team makes sure that cutting-edge technology is used to create the best of software products to fulfill all your needs. Here also, we make sure to employ the standard processes of software development to meet all your requirements to the T.From requirements gathering by our Business Analysts and consultation with technical architects to development of the mobile software user interface, application coding, and thorough testing, our processes are very much aligned as per the industry standards.

Our team of mobile application developers brings extensive work experience of developing and providing holistic support for both Android as well as iOS applications. With our profoundly knowledgeable team, you can be assured of getting the best quality software application for Android and iOS platforms. Our Business Analyst team is always there to help you out with the best solutions as per the industry standards.

In order to cater to all your software application needs, we offer to quickly ramp up our teams for effective completion of the project well within the deadline. Our team of mobile application developers is extremely competent to pick up the necessary skills swiftly and apply the garnered knowledge to develop your software. It is entirely our responsibility how we aim to scale up our application development team or scale down after project completion. You simply need to let us know that all your requirements are met.

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